Pricing & Fees

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Free until your first gig!

Sign up to Gigspot today and pay nothing until you receive your first booking deposit. We don't like "free trials" because you never really get to experience all the features on offer and the ever looming deadline is just too much pressure. Relax, take as long as you need to get set up on Gigspot and let it pay for itself, literally!

Gigspot Subscriptions

We also like super simple subscription plans. No basic or "pro" accounts with confusing feature add-ons and benefits. You should get everything, and with Gigspot you do! One price, unlimited everything, that's how we roll. Of course, you'll get a discount if you sign up for 12 months.


Per month

Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.

Just starting out? Go month to month and take full advantage of everything Gigspot has to offer.



2 months free

Minimum 12 month subscription.

For less than the average Gig payment, get a full year of Gigspot.

Booking Fees

Gigspot does not charge booking fees to Performers and Vendors, you're already paying a subscription, that'd just be rude. We do however include a booking fee, payable by the organiser or venue with the booking deposit payment. This is a small 5% fee (minimum $15.00 AUD inc GST) which covers our administration and transaction costs.

Gigspot Performers receive 100% of their quoted booking price.

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